Su Pang (( Curator + Fine Artist + Photographer ))
Su was hatched in Singapore and moved to San Francisco for art school. She was formally a painter and now works in the design / photography industry. Her habit of bouncing around the globe to seek out her next photography adventure, brought her to Berlin. Her new work reflects the decay world outside of Berlin. Su finds Beauty and Contentment in Decay and Nature. It's relationship to past and present. Her work documents Underground Berlin.

Lani Asher (( Collage Artist )) 
Lani grew up in  Los Angeles and studied painting at the College of Creative Studies at the University of California at Santa Barbara and has a MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in New Genes. As a community based teacher ,she has worked for many Bay area non-profits and currently  maintains a studio in the  Mission district. Her collages are constructed from my own paintings, drawings, and photographs from my studio work and her travels.

Devon Kelley-Yurdin (( Collage + Fine Artist + Animator )) 
Devon received her BFA in Communications Design and Illustration from Pratt Institute before running away to Oakland,  in search of sunshine. A place where daydreaming is considered a productive creative practice. Her experience extends from illustration, design, art direction, production design, to animation. Devon is currently starting her own paper jewelry business. Her work has been featured at galleries in New York, Seattle, and the San Francisco Bay Area. Her collaboration work includes institutions such as the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, the Berkeley Art Museum, and The Gardens at Lake Merritt in Oakland.

alessandra k cellini (( Painter + Photographer ))  
Alessandra’s work on the whole, is concerned with some element of the psyche, whether through emotion and identity or through imagination and fantasy. She finds something beautiful and intriguing in darkness and melancholy, and in the sometimes unsettling depiction of a person’s moment of release.

Sel Staley (( Photographer ))
After numerous migrations throughout the nation, Sel is blessed how different locations have contributed to the amazingly promising photography. However, PDX is where Sel discovered the passion for photography specializing in abstract concept, generation merge from good 'ole film to modern digital, and superlative photoshop manipulations. Aside from photography, Sel has also experimented being a cameraperson for a poignant film about a Deaf Transgendered Man's journey in life with surgery involved. Born Deaf and as a native ASL user with a Deaf older brother,  which all together have, indeed shaped her unique perspectives in the very life of photography art. As an AAU student, Sel continues to be a pioneer towards radical surrealism, which yet  rational interpretations of its own. Not to mention, San Francisco is where she has lived the longest and shall to be so. Sel is exhibiting her work of surrealist photography along with a media video.

Leah Jachimowicz (( Printmaker )) 

Leah was born and raised in San Jose, California. Art has always been an integral part of her life- be it crafting my own stationary or attending oil painting classes as a child, she has always loved spending time on my art practice. She attended University of Santa Barbara, and received a Bachelors degree in Fine Art with an emphasis in Printmaking. At USCB, she discovered her love for letterpress printing and book arts. Leah studied various different printmaking techniques at both the University of California at Santa Barbara and the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. As a visual artist she uses printmaking techniques to embody the nature of memory and progression, layer hand-drawn images, color and abstract shapes to express the process of moving forward by mending the past.

Maria Loewenstein (( Sculptor + Photographer ))
Maria is an austrian born artist. For 12 years, Maria expressed her creative vision through sculpture by assemblage. She later discovered her passion for photography. She has a unique perception of seeing harmony in the world of chaos and creates her vision through building beautiful sculptures out of found objects. Maria photographs beauty in momentary reality. Her intention is to capture the soulful essence of each graphic object in an architecturally outstanding framework. Maria who works/lives in Los Angeles, was part of Dissilience. She will be joining us for the San Francisco show.

Julian McCann (( Sculptor )) 
Jillian grew up in an artistically musical family and being creative was not her second nature, but first nature.  It all started when Jillian was about three years old and would insist on picking out her outfits for preschool. Stripes, circles ,tye die,  bumble bee outfits, princess dresses, over the top quinceanera and all layered over on top of each other. Just the act of making things beautiful with her own eye fulfilled her greatly even at such an early age. Whether it was seaweed, or trash, she would always go above and beyond and commit to the art piece she wanted to make. Currently she is working hard on installation works in mixed media and ceramics. Jillian has been attending San Francisco City College and has had incredible teachers as well as had the opportunity to study with inspiring students of all ages. She will be entering her first year at California College of the Arts in the fall to complete her BFA in Sculpture. 

Felicia Gabaldon (( Fine Artist )) 
Felicia is original from New Mexico and attended University of New Mexico, where she studied painting and art history. An abstract representation of what one perceives to be a landscape. In her art, Felicia seeks to explore the ways that external stereotypes are internalized through psychic formations of language (thru artistic rendering), pop culture, familiar imagery, architectural and scientific references. Felicia hopes to suggest that the production of space and human experience influence the formation of individual and communal systems of belief. 

Vera Costa (( Visual Artist )) 
Born in Brazil, Vera Costa has resided in SF for 10 years, making pieces based on her path through life, her familial narrative and as a female in the present age.Her works incorporate a weaving tale of heritage and identity, played out in texture and discoloration as it unfolds into the woman as creator, and the pieces as the "created". Vera's works speak to a rich web of ancestral belongings and feminine identity. She paints, tears, rips, cuts, unravels, glues, and/or sews layers of canvas to create her work.

Kim Haueter (( Fine Artist ))
Kim lives and works in San Francisco , born in Milwaukee , Wisconsin. She has been exploring art ideas and different materials from a very young age. She spent a lot of time as a child making things out of cardboard boxes, found objects from nature and around the house. Now she seeks out patterns out of ubiquitous trash in society, with thoughts of Hip -Hop music sampling.

Crystal Kamoroff (( Sculptor + Fine Artist ))
Crystal is a California based artist who has exhibited work in galleries and various art venues both nationally and throughout the Bay Area.  She has a Bachelors of Fine Art from San Jose State University and a Masters of Fine Art from Bowling Green State University. Active in applying to juried shows and artist residencies Crystal is constantly researching information and techniques that inform and improve her work as well as seeking out artist communities that facilitate creative dialogues and collaborations.

Kennis Chow (( Illustrator ))
Kennis attended Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California for illustration design, and received her Bachelor of Fine Arts at Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver, British Columbia. She is currently based in San Francisco. She enjoys doing a variety of illustration that involves painting, screen print, digital and hand-crafted work. Inspired by the disorientation of urban life, nature, and popular culture. She is constantly exploring new ways of approaching her work with a love for happy accidents and a passion for visual storytelling, color, texture, type and everything in between. Sometimes she find herself wandering the world in search of something she cannot yet put her finger on and with a quiet demeanor, she let her work do the talking for her, offering up a fun and quirky, yet sometimes disoriented, caricatures through colors and shapes. When she is not in her studio she can be found baking cookies, thrifting, and thinking how deep down, she really want to be a pop singer.