Hilary Goldberg (( Filmmaker + Artist ))
Hilary is a filmmaker and artist. Goldberg's films and music videos—including recLAmation, in the Spotlight, Beyond Lovely, Transliminal Criminal, and Katastrophe’s Big Deal—have been screened in venues ranging from the American Cinematheque in Hollywood to the Women Make Waves Festival in Taiwan. Hilary directed Chapter 5 in the upcoming 21-filmmaker collaborative adaptation of the memoir Valencia and is also acting as a producer and animator on the feature film. Goldberg's most recent project is the stop motion animated webseries, The Deer Inbetween.

Rita Piffer (( Filmmaker ))
Rita is a Brazilian filmmaker who has been living and working in the Mission District for four years. Currently she is enrolled at the MFA program in Cinema at SF State, in which she produced her latest short film Clarices's Cups, a  short film/poem that takes a look at how memories re-define objects and vice-versa. Her previous shorts had screened in various local Art Galleries and Festivals, includingIndie Cine ShackOaktown Indie MayhenArk GalleryBernal Heights Outdoors Film Festival, City ShortsCinema Errante series Brazilian Voices of Cinema at ATA, and published at the on-line poetry magazine Caveat Lector Vol.22.n, No. 2.

Nara Denning (( Filmmaker + Illustrator ))
Born in San Francisco in 1976, Nara Denning is a native of the fringes and seeker of invisible realities. She has made a body of work which interprets what she has so far encountered, collecting antique elements to create seductive, turbulent dreamscapes inspired by personal memoir as recalled by the symbolic language of the heart.  Denning creates a heightened reality that merges the external and internal experience. Her current film series “Under the Pavement” explores identity crisis in the modern age.  Denning was awarded “Best New Silent Filmmaker 2009” by the SF Weekly as well as the 2010 “Investing in Artists” grant from the Center of Cultural Innovation and the 2011 Individual Artist Commission Award by the San Francisco Arts Commission.

Maria Karpoukhina (( Filmmaker ))
Maria is a Russian film maker that explores her medium, often weaving together experimental with narrative, documentary with fiction, realism with absurdity. She is also a founder of an artistic community center - Ark 221 that acts as a filmmakers' resource and a screening venue for independent cinema. Her films have been previously screened at ATA, New Nothing Cinema, Cine Shack, and Teatro Zinzanni. She is currently in production for her latest narrative film, "The Milgram Experiment" that deals with the controversial results of this psychological experiment conducted in 1961 that explored topics such as obedience to authority, transfer of responsibility, and heard mentality.

Ellen Lake (( Filmmaker + Fine Artist ))
Ellen Lake received her MFA from Mills College in Oakland, California in 2002, where she studied sculpture, film & video, and installation. She is currently a visiting artist at Stanford’s Experimental Media Arts Lab. She is a recipient of a 2009 Sarah Jacobson Film Grant and 2005/2006 Bay Area Video Coalition’s Mediamaker Award.  French Fries is part of a series of short documentaries on collections. The Collection Series has been screened in the Bay Area at New Langton Arts, Mills College Art Museum, Works/San Jose, San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery, and The Lab.  Individual work from the series has screened at film festivals, museums, and microcinemas all over the world including the VHS Festival in Rotterdam, the Institute for Contemporary Art in London, and Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Great Schoenberg (( Filmmaker + Dancer ))
After early dance training in the San Francisco Bay Area, Greta Schoenberg earned a BFA in Ballet from the University of Utah and went on to dance in Europe with the Norwegian National Ballet, among others. After her return to San Francisco she danced with several contemporary companies and is now exploring her own choreography through dance film. Her work has been screened throughout the Bay Area,  including at Stanford University, the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, The Roxie Cinema, Ninth Street Independent Film Center, Artists’ Television Access, The San Francisco Art Institute, Dance Mission, CounterPulse, Pirate Cat Radio, at several venues in Arizona, and in London at the London International Dance Film Festival.